AppSync Unified updated to 48.0 to support A12 unc0ver

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AppSync Unified has been updated to support A12 devices using the unc0ver jailbreak and not the Chimera jailbreak. AppSync Unified allows unsigned apps to run on your iOS device. AppSync Unified is a huge part of jailbreaking because it allows users to install anything they want to on their iOS or iPadOS device.

Unfortunately you did read that right though, A12 Chimera jailbreak users do have to wait for another update. CoolStar and the Electra jailbreak team have yet to update their Substitute Substrate to support AppSync Unified while Pwn20wnd worked closely with the developer, angelXwind.

As for the non-A12 Chimera users if you already have AppSync Unified on your device do not uninstall it. You will lose it until it is fully updated to support the Chimera Substitute Substrate.

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While the developer of AppSync Unified doesn’t encourage piracy, AppSync Unified and its predecessors, have been used to pirate apps from the App Store. The developer even puts a note in the install package manager log saying, “Please do not use AppSync Unified for piracy”. AppSync Unified may encourage piracy as apps like AppCake and others like it spread like wildfire and depend on AppSync Unified to install unsigned pirated .ipa files (applications) onto Apple devices.

But all in all, the reason people jailbreak is to open the sandbox of the Apple device and AppSync Unified is a core part of that goal.

We will be updating you with the latest as angelXwind attempts to work on getting their Tweak on Chimera’s Substitute Substrate, so be sure to follow us on Twitter.

Update: AppSync Unified has been updated to support all devices on all jailbreak utilities. This new version is AppSync Unified 60.0.

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