Phantom For Snapchat Beta Released

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Phantom for Snapchat version 6.0.1-1 beta has been released. There are multiple bugs being worked out by the developer, CokePokes, at the moment. Some users are even complaining about being banned from Snapchat while using the Tweak.

The Tweak is currently in a hult as CokePokes has taken it down while he fixes up a few things with the Tweak.

The developer CokePokes is famous for his Snapchat tweak Phantom since 2013. With this Tweak you are able to take screenshots of photos and messages without the person that sent them knowing. You can also upload pictures taken outside of the Snapchat app to send to others as normal Snapchat photos.

We will definitely keep you up to date as this Tweak gets updated by CokePokes.

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