Apple Patent Reveals More Info on AR Headset

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Apple has submitted a new patent according to Patently Apple for a AR headset with an adjustable opacity and a transparent display. In their report, Patently Apple states:

Apple further notes that the head-mounted display may include an adjustable opacity system. The adjustable opacity system may include an adjustable opacity layer such as a photochromic layer that overlaps the optical coupler and a light source that selectively exposes the adjustable opacity layer to light to control the opacity of the adjustable opacity layer.
The light source may emit ultraviolet light to control the adjustable opacity layer. The adjustable opacity layer may block or dim light from the real-world objects to allow improved contrast when displaying computer-generated content over the real-world objects.

Earlier reports, also suggest Apple is working on an App Store for their AR headset, opening the possibilities for 3rd party app’s taking advantage of current developers kits such as ARKit to immerse users in an augmented experience.

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