iPhone 11 production predicted to increase by 1.6 million units

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Jun Zhang, from Rosenblatt Securities, is predicting that Apple is likely to increase iPhone 11 production by 1.6 million units to meet ever-increasing demands.

Earlier this month, reliable sources quoted Apple was already planning to increase the whole iPhone 11 lineup, given stronger demands.

Stronger demands are linked to the success, and the sequel to Apple’s mega-popular iPhone XR, with many calling the iPhone 11 the 2nd in line.

While Apple Terminal is unable to verify this new report, we can highly question a statement from the same analysts claiming Apple is on the path of decreasing production for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is Apple’s latest and greatest flagship, alongside that, Jun Zhang doesn’t have the great of a track record.

If Apple were planning to decrease iPhone 11 Pro Max production, we would be sure to have heard it from more reliable sources by now.

Zhang wrongly predicted the decrease of sales for the iPhone X back in 2017, and lands on the rather negative side of sources for Apple, we would take this with a pinch of salt until more sources can confirm it.

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