YouTube Music app adds Siri support

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The official iOS YouTube Music app has added Siri support, meaning users can now use Siri to play and control their music.

News first broke of Apple opening up Siri to 3rd party Music players earlier this summer, with Spotify being the first major app to enable this feature via an app update earlier this month.

Although Apple is showing signs of opening up Siri, users are still required to say “with Spotify” or “with YouTube Music” instead of the OS defaulting to a single Music player.

The discussion around Apple not enabling users to select default apps has been around for years, only having increased in the last few months with anti-trust investigations and accusations of Apple playing a monopoly with the App Store.

Apple has stood firm on its values, stating Apple does not favor its own stock or in-house built apps,  Apple has called the App Store and it’ss operating systems an open and equal playing field for all developers to share their ideas and change the world.

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