5 new games added to Apple Arcade

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Today, 5 new games have been added to Apple Arcade.

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Lifelike: Chapter One, being the first, developed by the Kunabi Brother is a puzzle/adventure game, where users are mesmerized in an ocean of particles and are given the ability to interact and enjoy a relaxing experience.

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Hogwash, a multiplayer farm simulation developed by Bossa Studios, the objective of the game is to compete with other players in maintaining the farm, in what the developers call “color-soaked rasher” chaotic experience.

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Tales of Memo, created by Tendays Studio is the simplier game on the list, featuring an epic journey while battling enemies along your quest to the end.

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The action-role playing game is where you must battle for supremacy, with challenges and new characters to battle every time you play, the game developed by Versus Evil is the fourth game to join the ever-growing Apple Arcade ecosystem.

fallen knight apple arcade

The final game joining the list is Fallen Knights developed by FairPlay Studios.

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