Apple awarded CITI Oustanding Brand Award in China

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Apple has been awarded the “Green Supply Chain CITI Oustanding Brand” award for its continued focus and investment on the environment in China.

In a press release posted on Apple’s regional Chinese website, the company states:

Apple is today the first company to receive the CITI Green Supply Chain CITI Outstanding Brand. Apple has consistently ranked first in the IPE Enterprise Information Disclosure Index (CITI) for the past five years, and today’s award recognizes Apple’s environmental leadership across the entire supply chain. As a CITI brand, Apple will continue to maintain a superior supply chain level while further helping to promote environmental management. 

Transtled from Chinnese to English

Apple has for a long time invested in China’s environment and long term production sustainability, in July of 2018, they announced a new set of investment opportunities in China promising to invest “$300 million over the next four years into the China Clean Energy Fund” aimed at boosting China’s energy supply.


It’s worth noting the timing, only last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook was named Chairman of a Chinese university following a meeting with Chinese government officials over the removal of the Hong Kong-based app.

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