New Vizio TV with tvOS APIs built in

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There is a new TV on the market made by Vizio called the Class M-Series M556-G4 (2019 model). It is a 55 inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with AirPlay 2, HomeKit, and Siri APIs all built into one TV. Did I mention that there is also Chromecast to tickle your fancy? Oh and by the way, it has a list price of only $498 USD. So basically you are getting an Apple TV, Chromecast TV, and a normal TV all in one package. Depending on what TV you are looking at, that is a $705 value.

Now we don’t know the actual quality of the TV by any means but this sounds like a wonderful deal. As I do own an older 1080p Vizio TV, I can tell you that Vizio doesn’t make bad quality TVs. We also can’t confirm how well the APIs work, but I’m sure the API are made by Apple so they’re probably going to be top quality.

If you life in the United States you can get it from Walmart for currently, at the time this was written, only $398.

Buy it from Walmart.

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