Apple Pay rolls out to customers in 3 new countries

RECTANGLE apple pay rolling out to three new banks

Reported by users earlier today, only later to be confirmed by Apple Terminal, these following banks have added Apple Pay support.

Viseca Apple Pay promo image

Viseca Card Services, which earlier in September hinted at a near release confirmed today via Twitter to its customers in Switzerland.

Porto Seguro Apple Pay promo image

Porto Seguro also confirmed today via a press release it was adding Apple Pay support, they had not previously stated they were planning to add support.

Fana Sparebank Apple Pay promo image

Finally, Fana Sparebank is adding Apple Pay support to its users in Norway.

To add their credit or debit cards to their iPhone or Apple Watch, users should head to the Wallet app, and go through the on-screen prompts, due to location or server-side updates, users may not be able to add the card immediately, if not, we advise to wait a few hours or contact the bank directly for further assistance.

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