Apple wins a patent for iPad with a built-in stand and more

RECTANGLE apple wins patent for ipad with built in stand

I love my iPad. Honestly. I use it every day. There is one huge flaw with it though: You have to have a case to keep it standing up. This seems to all be changing with a new patent be presented by Apple for built-in stands and possibly even a keyboard in an iPad. This would be game-changing as the tablet industry grows more and more especially targeting school systems around the world.

iPad stand patent image

Apple’s patent relates to a computing device like an iPad having a peripheral housing that defines a cavity and an internal housing volume. The computing device includes a display disposed with the cavity and moveably attached to the peripheral housing. A battery, a processor, and memory are disposed entirely within the internal housing volume. The cavity defined by the housing can be an aperture and the display can have a peripheral shape that corresponds to the shape of the aperture. In some instances, the peripheral housing has a constant cross-section.

Patently Apple – Jack Purcher
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