Apple releases iOS 13.3 beta 1 to Paid Developers

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Today, Apple jumped back on the beta train releasing iOS 13.3 beta 1 to developers, despite, many hoping that Apple would release iOS 13.2.1 to the public to fix the RAM/multi-tasking issue. You can follow our coverage on that here.

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The release notes for this beta don’t show much, simply referring to a networking protocol in the beta, also in line with Apple’s recent developer announcement regarding its switch in the notification system and API.

Following the release of iOS 13 back in September, key features such as Communication Limits for kids, which enables parents to control the time they are able to speak to their friends through a number of 3rd party apps got delayed.

In this release today, Apple Terminal can confirm it is available on this latest feature, although users are reporting incompatibility with certain 3rd party apps.

Another feature that we are expecting to debut in this beta was iCloud Folder Sharing, it was delayed following iOS 13’s release for expected reasons of iCloud issues, given users were also having issues syncing Reminders, Calander, and Mail. We are expecting to see this feature debut in a later beta.

On an iPhone X, from iOS 13.2 the iOS 13.3 beta 1 (17C5032d) is around 3.8GB. In a Geekbench test, single-core decreased by around 14 points but multi-core increased by around 128 points.

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New features and changes:

1. Communication Limits in the Screen Time settings are available. Communication Limits give parents the option to control who their children are able to contact both during downtime and during Screen Time.

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2. You can now disable Memoji stickers in the emoji section. To change this setting in Settings > General > Keyboard.

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3. The Apple Watch application icon has changed on the latest beta, now it includes a black circle in the Digital Crown from the later generations of the Watch.

Bug fixes:

1. Multitasking and RAM management is improved on iOS 13.3 beta 1 compared to iOS 13.2 on an iPhone X.
2. An AirPods Pro animation error that users were having seems to have been fixed on the latest beta.

Found bugs:

1. On some iPhones, when connected to AirPods, the control center shows the AirPlay glyph instead of the AirPods glyph. This is also reportedly happening for Beats headphones in the popup UI.
2. When editing family settings, screen Time shows devices you don’t actually own.

Let us know what bugs, bug fixes, and features you see in this new beta! This page will be updated regularly so be sure to look back at it!

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