Apple Store and website account for 31% of Apple revenue

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In a 10-K filing seen by Appleinsider, 31% of Apple’s revenue came from Apple Stores and purchases done through its website, the report says:

Observations from JP Morgan of the 10-K filing seen by AppleInsider reveals Apple’s retail strategy is “driving greater direct purchases from customers,” with Apple Stores and its website accounting for 31% of total revenue for the financial year. This is an improvement from the 29% seen for the 2018 fiscal year and 28% in 2017.

It is suggested direct distribution revenue rose 5% year-on-year to $81 billion for the year, while indirect distribution revenue from other retailers and sales sources declined a similar percentage to $180 billion.

The greater sales from Apple’s own outlets is likely to help drive AppleCare revenues, which in turn helps boost Apple’s Services revenue in general.

Appleinsider report

Apple has been aggressively pushing for new Apple Stores around the world, having recently launched new stores in Europe, and the iconic Apple Store in 5th Avenue, its clear Apple is hopings it stores will play a more central role in its customer experience.

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