iPhone 11 Pro Max ranks 3rd place for camera quality

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DXOMark has published its camera test results for the 2019 smartphone flagships placing Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone 11 Pro Max in third place.

The 11 Pro Max lags behind the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Premium in camera quality, but, the iPhone 11 Pro Max does beat the reset for audio quality.

DXOMark gave the iPhone a 117 score, with the 1st and 2nd place tieing at 121.

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DXOMark notes the “very good” dynamic range of the iPhone 11 under indoor conditions but highlights its struggle with exposure under darker conditions in comparison to the Mate 30 Pro. DXOMark also notes the color accuracy of the photos on the iPhone saying in their report:

A slightly greenish cast is visible in some indoor scenes and in our lab tests, but overall color tends to be very pleasant: a slight yellow cast gives some scenes a warm feel and works very well for skin tones in portraits.

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The iPhone 11 Pro Max during testing was running iOS 13.2, which did include Deep Fusions, Apple’s neural and machine learning image technology to pinout details and textures in pictures. DXOMark praises the feature, but once again points out its struggle to maintain quality under low light conditions.

All in all, the iPhone 11 Pro max is a top tier competitor, although it has its flaws, DXOMark summarized it best:

Previous Apple iPhone generations have always been among the best smartphones for imaging, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max is no different. It matches our top score for Video, recording video clips with good detail, a very wide dynamic range, and smooth stabilization in most circumstances. Its still image results also put it among the best, thanks to consistently good results from the primary camera, which is now accompanied by a very capable ultra-wide lens with one of the widest fields of view we have seen. Bokeh simulation mode and zoom performance at long range are not quite up with the very best, but if those areas are not top priorities, the new iPhone is an easy recommendation for any mobile image creator, especially those who are already invested in the iOS ecosystem.

DXOMark closing remarks

Our closing remarks, camera quality is hard to compare, its subjective with no clear answer, DXOMark’s credibility has taken a tank in the last few years, so we do take this with a grain of salt, you be the judge.

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