Users experiencing battery drain after latest WhatsApp update

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Noticed first by WABetaInfo, users are reporting increased battery drain after the latest iOS WhatsApp update (iOS 2.19.112).

WhatsApp has never been known to be the best for battery life, however, user reports have increased since the release of this new update, with users complaining the app is staying active in the background for excessive hours.

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In a reply to WABetaInfo, one user shared their battery page screenshot within Settings showing WhatsApp taking 10h and 55 minutes of background activity.

Other screenshots vary, with some users showing significantly less background activity than others.

If you are experiencing some increased battery drain because of this update you can disable background app refresh for WhatsApp, by going to Settings- General- Background App Refresh, and disabling WhatsApp.

While many users have already done this and are still experiencing background activity, it should help.

It’s worth keeping in mind disabling Background App Refresh doesn’t always kill background activity, especially with WhatsApp, Facebook, and other popular apps.

An extreme step is disabling notifications, notifications require the app to stay open in the background, which does cause increased background activity. While these steps can help, ultimately, the battery drainage isn’t coming from your phone, but a bug in the app.

This update doesn’t only seem to be affecting iOS users, users are also reporting the same issue for Android 10 on the Google Play Store, and some reports even appearing on the official OnePlus support forum.

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Version 2.19.112 for iOS and Android brought forward new privacy options for groups, replacing the “Nobody” with “My contacts except” which had been introduced in a WhatsApp beta earlier this year.

This continues to be a developing story as more uses voice their concerns, Apple Terminal has reached out to WhatsApp for more information on this issue and will update this article when we get a response

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