Music band accuses Apple TV+ exclusive, The Morning Show of stealing song arrangement

RECTANGLE morning show song arrangment

Postmodern Jukebox, a band which turns modern pop or rock music into jazz or early 20th-century swing has accused producers of the Apple TV+ exclusive, The Morning Show of stealing the arrangements of its music video, the Creep.

In the Tweet, the band retweeted the artist, Rozzi, who performed in the episode on Apple TV+, put out this statement saying:

“Hey guys. I’ve tried to stay out of this but since a lot of your posts have been directed at me (and your followers are coming for me specifically) I feel the need to clarify that I was hired to sing this song. I didn’t choose it or arrange it – in fact I have no idea who has arranging credit. If anyone stole something of yours I would understand your frustration but please don’t send your fans at me – my only involvement was to sing what I was hired to sing. Thank you!”

Users were quick to pinpoint the stark similarities between what aired on The Morning Show and the Creep arrangement,

Postmodern Jukebox says that they have contacted Apple TV but that they have not responded.

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