Next year Apple Watch could feature Touch ID

Touch ID illustration

In a recent patent, shared by Patently Apple, Apple describes how an “a touch sensing device, force-sensing device, temperature sensing device, and/or a fingerprint sensor” could be placed under the display.

1 X Cover apple watch band with antenna patent image

Apple discontinued Touch ID from its iPhone line with the release of the iPhone X, however, it is still present in the iPad and the MacBook Pro lineup. While it may seem useless at first, the Apple Watch is already used for authenticating and unlocking your Mac, Apple Pay purchases, and more, so the addition of an added layer of security like Touch ID on the Watch could easily be put into use.

The main purpose of the patent was for Apple to describe how they may be able to add wireless antennas to the Apple Watch strap, freeing up internal space, which could be in part of the planned inclusion of Touch ID.

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