Apple showcases AR app Healium and how it allows Veterans to manage anxiety and clam down

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In a press release on Monday, Veterans Day, Apple showcased the 3rd party AR app, Healium for how it helps Veterans manage anxiety and stress.

The Healium AR app on iPhone 11 Pro.

Apple states how the app uses AR, and connection to an Apple Watch to calm users down, saying:

Healium AR’s guided meditations by first syncing his Apple Watch, which transmits his heart rate to the app. As he takes deeper breaths, his heart rate slows, and a solar system of planets illuminates in front of him, thanks to the app’s use of augmented reality (AR). Healium AR blends storytelling, neuroscience and game design so users can harness their feelings to power virtual worlds and find a sense of calm.

Apple press release

Apple also shares the story of a veteran, named Steve Mills, a commander in the US Navy and how he uses the app to calm down, Mill says,

“Sometimes I walk down to the riverfront here and sit on a bench and look at the water,” “And using this {Healium} just puts me in a really good state of mind.”

Sarah Hill in her office using the Healium AR app on iPhone 11 Pro.

The story of Sarah Hill, a television journalist who was battling anxiety, which ultimately lead her to begin development on Healium.

Click here to read more about Sarah’s and Mill’s incredibly inspiring and eye-opening story.

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