Facebook iOS app secretly keeps camera-enabled in the background

RECTANGLE facebook camera bug

First shared by Joshua Maddux on November 10th in a tweet, it has been found that the iOS Facebook app secretly keeps the camera running in the background, even if the user is not actively using it.

The issue, also confirmed by The Next Web occurs when a user opens a photo and swipes down showing a live glimpse of the camera feed on the left side.

Maddux was able to confirm this bug on multiple iPhones running iOS 13.2.2, older iOS versions do not seem to be affected.

Facebook has made no official statement, however, Apple Terminal has reached out to Facebook for comment on this.

Update: Wednesday, November 13

Facebook has released an app update to address this issue, and the Facebook VP confirmed it was a bug.

This is a developing story, this page will be updated with the latest.

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