What to expect from the 16-inch MacBook Pro

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September? No. October? No. November? Maybe.

Rumors and reports of the 16-inch MacBook Pro have been spiraling for months, with many reporting the new MacBook Pro would have launched at an October Apple keynote.

We are now expecting a release this week, with reports suggesting Apple will be hosting private media briefings to showcase the new device, the same was reported for the AirPods Pro and did turn out valid.

Update: Wednesday, November 13th

We now know, thanks to Mark Gurman that the screen will be 4% larger than the 15-inch MacBook Pro, given higher resolution and smaller bezels.

He also states noise-canceling microphones, “impressive speakers,” and once again confirmed the keyboard will be “similar to the iMac external Magic Keyboard.”

Screen Shot 2019 11 13 at 9.40.08 AM

On the front page of the Mac app store, in a story showcasing Sidecar, an image of what seems to be a MacBook clearly resembles that of the unreleased 16-inch MacBook Pro.

macOS Catalina Hints

16 inch macbook pro touch bar keyboard

In a macOS Catalina beta, 9to5Mac found an image showing a reworked Touch Bar layout with the Touch ID sensor being separated from the body of Touch Bar.

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Noted by MacGenerations were images of a MacBook Pro with smaller bezels. The smaller bezels could mean a similar form factor to the current MacBook line up, with more screen space. The name of these images within the macOS Catalina code directly correlated with the 16-inch naming scheme.

The Keyboard- Bufferfly Making a Comeback

image 5

Apple introduced the butterfly keyboard mechanism within its Mac lineup in 2016, users were quick to point out its stark differences between the older scissor mechanism in terms of key travel, noise, and overall speed of use, the feedback was and still is mixed.

For the 16-inch MacBook Pro, Ming-Chi Kuo is saying Apple will resort back to the scissor mechanism with the new device, and will slowly transition the rest of its Mac lineup to do the same also.

The Design- Bigger Screen, Smaller Bezels

image 6

If you were hoping for a radical, completely new MacBook Pro design, you may or may not be in luck.

Ming-Chi Kuo in February reported the new MacBook Pro will have an “all-new design,” he did not mention any detail, however, other reports and findings state otherwise.

Digitimes reported Apple supply chain partners are still using the same material, only differing in the design of the unibody enclosure to fit the new 16-inch display. The most likely possibility is what we already know, smaller bezels and a new keyboard, other than that, the design should remain fairly similar to the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

The Screen- Retina Pro Max Plus?

Screen Shot 2019 11 12 at 6.46.33 PM

It will not be a surprise when Apple proudly says this is their best and greatest display ever, not a shocker the display is expected to go up in actual resolution, from the 2880 by 1800 display in the 15-inch MacBook Pro to a 3072 by 1920 display.

Performance- How Pro will it be?

image 7

While we don’t know exactly what Apple will use for its internal specs, we could see a follow-up to the updated 15-inch MacBook Pro Apple announced in May which included faster 8th and 9th generation Intel Core processors.


Reporting earlier in July suggested Apple will be placing the new MacBook Pro at a starting point of $3000, making it a mid-range option for its Pro users.

The $3000 price point will place it right in-between the iMac and iMac Pro, while $3000 is the starting price, custom configuration for more storage, graphics, and faster processors may see the price go up to around $5000 if not more.

When is it coming?

All hopes and expectations were on an October keynote, but we are now expecting the 16-inch MacBook Pro to launch this week, following the same product showcase the AirPods Pro saw with a press release.

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