New 13-inch MacBook Pro expected soon

RECTANGLE 13 inch macbook pro update

Apple recently announced the 16-inch MacBook Pro with a new Magic Keyboard, 16-inch Retina display, new speakers, and more.

While Apple pushes the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, many are looking at the rest of the MacBook Pro lineup asking the same question, what about the 13-inch?

Reports have stated Apple will take the new Magic Keyboard from the 16-inch and extend it to other parts of the Mac lineup, and now, Mark Gurman thinks that the switch will be included with an update of the 13-inch not too long from now.

The new keyboard wouldn’t be the only thing that the 13-inch would get updated with, we would also expect the new Intel Core processors, but not much else to keep the line between the 13-inch model, and the 16-inch model.

Apple has been pushing the 16-inch model as a Pro device, with all of the marketing and documentation targeting professional photographers, composers, game developers, etc… Its ultimately unlikely that Apple would include 16-inch hardware features such as the new speakers, or thermal architecture in the 13-inch model.

As for the MacBook Air, as stated by Mark Gurman, the new refreshed keyboard and possibly new Intel Core processor will most likely be the only updates we would see for the Air.

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