Apple Service bundles for Christmas?

Apple may bundle digital; subscriptions in 2020

Bloomberg reveals insider knowledge regarding the forthcoming Apple Service bundles. Bundles will mean discounts and subscription growth for Creators and Publishers alike. Apple and Bloomberg to comment.

Apple has the most lucrative user base. The participants are enthusiastic, demand quality design and execution, and pay more. Apple efficiency regularly leverages access to current users, by offering attractive options and deals.

Deals, deals, deals

Subscription Bundles means discounts
AppleCare Service

These deals start the day you buy any device. Easily add additional support, peace of mind, or even extend the warranty. Recently, you can opt for an automatic upgrade every year. Who wouldn’t want a titanium Apple Card, with cashback on every purchase? Further, these deals are added, sometimes even before opening devices.

Users old and new are aware of the ever-present prompts. Your free iCloud space is at capacity – easily resolved, for a nominal subscription. But, once the requisite details are entered, additional services are then more easily added.

Unlike AppStore credit, though, long-term subscriptions cannot use vouchers or AppStore credit. However, the “+” Services are now legion, covering: News, Games, TV, Movies, and also Music.

Above all, this is why the possibility of Service Bundles is so powerful. Subscription fence-sitters will want to dip in their toes. Thereby increasing revenues flowing to respective publishers. Resulting in content creators get an immediate boost.

Subscription Saturation

End users now experience subscription fatigue, with far too many content houses adding to a stack of monthly bills. Therefore Apple grants attractive possibilities with so many collective assets under their negotiation prowess. This means creating service and media collaboration. Simpler bundles mean lower fees, and an escape from the complicated subscriptions.

The simple bundle solution

Can Apple negotiate any subscription bundles discounts, in exchange for more users? Apple has the proven track record to be able to pull this off. Apple already freed everyone from the ISP hegemony which caused handset bloat. Most importantly, Steve Jobs famously flipped the iPhone/AT&T negotiations to give Apple the upper hand. Certainly, the result is user-centric design and a level of service excellence that defines our era.

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