Whatsapp beta for iOS released via Testflight

WhatsApp beta shows new dark mode

Whatsapp released a new beta build of its well-known messenger app on iOS earlier today raising its version to This build introduced the new branding that highlights Facebook’s ownership of the app, some tweaks on the design and more traces about the dark mode that is still under development.

Several Tweaks to design

WhatsApp group icon
new generic group icon

WhatsApp recently introduced a new cell design and iconography in WhatsApp Business and they just added these changes to the WhatsApp app.

Whatsapp person icon
new generic personal profile icon

Some of the new changes applied to the generic profile icons, the read recipient ticks, and new wide chat cells.

newticks 1
New recipient ticks

New traces on dark mode for WhatsApp

WhatsApp dark mode
Dark Mode Configurations revealed by @wabetainfo.

It’s not a secret to say that a Dark Mode system for WhatsApp is under development. Lately in this build, our friends of WABetaInfo have revealed new screenshots that show two configurations of dark mode that are in final stages of development (with no release date known).

New Facebook Branding

WhatsApp from Facebook branding

Facebook has recently announced that they are working to highlight their ownership of some popular apps like Instagram and Facebook. They as well lately announced a new Facebook brand for this case.

In the latest WhatsApp build the above branding was implemented in the newly added splash screen and settings footer.

Registration Notifications

WhatsApp registration code notification
New notification for registration on iOS

Lastly, as revealed by our friends at WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on a new notification alert that notifies the user once a new registration attempt is done using your phone number from a different device.

WhatsApp registration code notification
Registration Alert Inside WhatsApp
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