Germany passes law forcing Apple to give Apple Pay competitors access to iPhone NFC chip

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Reuters reported today that a parliamentary committee in Germany “unexpectedly voted in a late-night session on Wednesday to force the tech giant {Apple} to open up Apple Pay to rival providers in Germany.”

More specifically, the vote would force Apple, which has kept its NFC chip in the iPhone closed-source, to open it up for other mobile-banking services, incorporating it directly into the iOS system, and Wallet app.

Apple in a statement to Reuters said:

“We are surprised at how suddenly this legislation was introduced,” Apple said on Friday. “We fear that the draft law could be harmful to user friendliness, data protection and the security of financial information.” 

However, German financial news provider, Finanz-Szene, pointed out the following possible loophole which might enable Apple to keep its NFC chip closed as opening it might harm user data,

Exceptionally, the system undertaking is not required to comply with paragraph 1 if there are reasonable grounds for refusal to make the provision available. These exist, in particular, if the system undertaking can demonstrate that the safety and integrity of the technical infrastructure services is specifically jeopardized by the provision of such facilities. The rejection must be reasonably justified.

Translation, quoted from MacRumors

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