New Nuvia CPUs born from ex-Apple’s talent

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Nuvia is the name of the latest silica in town. CPUs created by nonother than the talented minds that helped forge Apple. They teamed up with other industry wonks and started Nuvia, Inc. in the nearby Santa Clara area.

Nuvia HQ, Santa Clara CA
Nuvia HQ, Santa Clara CA

Business newswires are buzzing with this revelation. They have lofty goals. But they appear to have the track record to make it believable.

Faster & more Efficient?

The crew collectively have over 100 patents – earned in the testing grounds of the industry’s first tier. Namely: Apple, Intel, AMD, Google, Broadcom, 8×8, ARM, ATI, and Texas Instruments. Therefore, this Best of the Breed has the recognized broad experience to make them instantly formidable. Among them is: “Chief CPU architect, Apple – 10 years”, prelude to Nuvia CPU forged from Apple talent.


The stated goals are performance, scalability, and power efficiency. They intend to build Cloud, Data, and AI-centric chips for the exponentially growing industry. Plenty of work available then, but being the king of the Valley will take much more. Tesla recently surprised the world at their autonomy day, showcasing a one-punch, industrywide victory, with the new stellar T1 chip. The T1 chip is a Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Neural Networking masterpiece, bar none. After all, the guys that wrote the books, on these cutting edge fields, ARE the T1 team.

Hunting for Talent with Fresh Funding

Over $50M has now boosted these players into prime contention, the investors have notably been instrumental in starting up SolarCity, Tesla, and SpaceX. Over 25 engineering posts are now open, perfect timing for the latest graduating classes. They are already building their datacenter in the Dell/EMC/McAfee building, near the place where it all started. Confirming Silicon Valley as the core of the industry, yet again.

Current investors have birthed over 100 IPO’s and brought about over 200 mergers. This team is bound to create interest, but now they have the negotiators to make the deals that suit them. “Nuvia CPU forged from Apple talent” hints at more to come. We can’t wait.

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