New Apple Music patent shows redesigned Lyric search for iOS

New Apple patent shows redesigned Lyric Search for iOS

A new Apple patent surfaced by Patently Apple shows how Apple may be planning to redesign the Lyric Search page on Apple Music for iOS. The report surfaces After TechCrunch noted that Spotify users are now beginning to see live real-time search appear in their Spotify app for certain regions.

Patent image showing Lyric Search in Apple Music

As noted by Patently Apple, “Only one of the three inventors was found on LinkedIn, Venkat Sundaranatha’s LinkedIn Profile shows he’s Director of Engineering. His profile also shows that he’s worked on Apple Music, iTunes and more.”

The patent, and figure 5B “illustrates a search query performed utilizing the client-server architecture” with a redesigned UI. The patent shows how when a user searches for a lyric, they will get a string of results, the first one being the top hit, and the others being “unrelated lyrics.”

Figures 2 and 9 outline the system flowchart that would be undertaken to delivery the query results to the user from Apple’s music database.

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