Lawsuit says Apple Park construction worker racially harassed

RECTANGLE apple park worker harrased

A new federal lawsuit from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing an electrical subcontractor, Air Systems, who was signed on to work on the Apple Park for racial harassment of 3 African American workers.

The lawsuit says, in July of 2017, while working on-site at the Apple Park, one worker found a threat on a sprinkler pipe which threatened lynching and a noose nearby.

The lawsuit continued to state that the management of the subcontractor ignored to act when two African Americans brought forward these incidents, and ignored the fact that a white coworker taunted them with racial slurs, calling one of them “boy”.

The commission says Air Systems’ actions clearly violated the Civil Rights Act which requires that “employers to take prompt action to investigate and stop the misconduct after they receive notice of it.” (SF Chronicle)

The commission says the lawsuit was brought forward after they were unable to reach a settlement with Air System, and the commissions San Francisco District director had this to say about the events:

“it’s disappointing that such behavior took place in the 21st century and at the heart of the Bay Area’s innovative tech community.”

Apple was not directly mentioned in the lawsuit, however, Apple has been contacted, and did not immediately respond to comment. Air Systems flat-out declined to comment.

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