Donald Trump visits the Mac Pro Factory in Austin, Texas

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Today Donald Trump came to visit the Mac Pro factory in Austin, Texas where 5,000 employees work with Apple CEO, Tim Cook.


The biggest thing that happened at this event is Apple and Cook presented a plaque. This plaque said “Mac Pro” “Designed by Apple in California” “Assembled in USA”. I would like to note that there is nothing engraved for Donald Trump specifically on this plaque.

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Cook did have a comment about the United States economy. Trump brought it up when he was giving his speech after given the plaque. Cook said the United States has “the strongest economy in the world.”

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Trump also had compliments for Apple and Cook. Trump said he “respects”, Tim Cook, that he is a “great leader”, and he is a “great businessman”. Of course, all of this concluded at the end with Trump eluding to the China tariffs being a success with Apple bringing a plant finally to the United States a great example of it.

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As stated above 5,000 workers currently work at this plant in Austin, Texas. That number is expected to grow to about 15,000 as they are building another facility also in Austin. The whole campus is 3-million-square-foot. Apple has invested $200 million in these Mac Pro facilities. The whole facility is completely run on renewable energy just like the rest of the company has been.

Apple currently employs about 2.4 million jobs across the United States, including 450,000 manufacturing jobs and 90,000 employees in all 50 states in the United States.

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