Brand new details about iOS 14

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On November 21st, we learned a bunch of details about how Apple is planning to revamp its software testing and development operations thanks to a report by Bloomberg.

Buried within the report were snippets of new information in regards to iOS 14, here, we break everything down.

New Beta System

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Starting with the release of iOS 14, Bloomberg states that Apple’s internal builds, by the development team, known as daily builds will automatically disable “unfinished or buggy features for that specific build.

This does apply to beta testers too, using a new internal process called Flags, testers will be able to disable specific features if they are causing issues, which would allow Apple to identify the impact of that feature on the system.

This new system would mean that if a specific iOS feature is not working properly during the beta testing period, the beta tester would be able to disable it. While the exact details of how this process will work on the device are unknown, this will help beta testers test specific features individually instead of all at once.

What made iOS 13 a buggy release?

Currently, teams within Apple’s software division would add new features daily, without fully testing them, teams would then followup adding new features on top of them, causing an overload of features that weren’t getting tested properly.

“Daily builds were like a recipe with lots of cooks adding ingredients,”

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This overload of untested features didn’t only cause chaos for the users, it caused mayhem for Apple engineers. The beta testing process, in itself, is meant to improve the software, and to allow Apple to analyze and track how new features are reacting and working with each other. But, the overload of features makes it nearly impossible for engineers to track down the root cause of the issues.

With Apple engineers unable to track down the root issues, this has lead to the number of iOS 13 updates we have seen desperately trying to fix the bugs, but inadvertently seeming to cause new ones.

iOS 13 has been a bad release for Apple compared to iOS 12, don’t take it from us, Apple thinks so too. Apple’s software development teams uses a scale known as “white gloves” which ranks software releases on a scale of 1 to 100, Bloomberg notes iOS 13 got a lower score than iOS 12, without providing the actual numbers.

New iOS 14 Features

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Prior to the release of iOS 13, reports stated Apple had shifted some of its big changes to iOS 14, which included a complete redesign and major UI changes, now it seems a few things might have got pushed to 2021.

Bloomberg notes that Apple is considering moving some features meant to be in iOS 14, to iOS 15 to give them more time to focus on performance. iOS 14, codenamed “Azul” is still expected to have new features that will add a “breadth of {} new capabilities” to the iPhone and iPad.


While WWDC is still 8 months away, this does give reason to hope, it’s clear Apple is aware of the frustration users have had with iOS 13, these new changes are a clear sign of hopefully good results for the next batch of OS announcements.

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