Apple ships wrong charger with iPhone 11

RECTANGLE apple ships wrong charger

When you open your iPhone box, you expect to get the correct accessories, you know, a pair of headphones, charger, wall adapter, and the paperwork none of us actually read, besides the stickers.

Since 2012, all iPhones were shipped with the standard lightning to USB-A cable in the box, until this year with the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, Apple switched to lighting to USB-C cable.

According to a Slovakian Apple blog, one customer shared with them his experience of opening his iPhone 11 Pro Max box to find the wrong cable.

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Michal, who shared the experience with the blog said when he opened the box, he noticed it came with the old lighting to USB-A cable and now the USB-C cable.

To make it even worse, the wall adapter was meant for the USB-C cable, not the USB-A cable, virtually locking him out of charging his phone with the adapter.

As the blog pointed out, the mistake most likely occurred in the production chain in China, where the different types of plugs Apple ships made it logistically difficult to ensure the correct plug is shipped.

Michal has contacted the store where he got the phone and hopes to get it resolved sooner than later.

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