Apple employees support Tim Cook connecting with President Trump

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A new survey conducted by Fortune shows that around 81.6% of Apple employees support Tim Cooks’ efforts to lobby and connect with President Trump.

Apple, and more specifically Tim Cook have been put under the spotlight for their relation and treatment of President Trump. Tim Cook has seen to take more a friendly and yet firm stance towards President Trump on the arrival of Chinese tariffs that could impact Apple.

As stated by Fortune:

Apple employees said they support Cook’s efforts to engage the president on matters that “shape policy in Apple’s favor.” Meanwhile, eight in ten respondents said they believe it’s “fair that some of Apple’s products have been exempted from U.S. tariffs on Chinese-made goods.”


Earlier this month, President Trump visited an Apple Mac Pro factory in Austin Texas, when Apple employees were asked about it, they said this:

less convinced that the Austin photo opportunity, which took place while impeachment hearings against the president’s conduct were being conducted, was a good look for Cook.

In the Fortune-Blind survey, 30.9% of employees said that they “strongly agreed” with Cook participating in the event and 23.5% said that they “agreed” with his participation. However, 17.7% said that they “strongly disagreed” and another 10.3% said that they “disagreed” with Cook’s move. Nearly 18% of employees said that they were indifferent to the event.


Blind, the company behind the survey also says that more than 50% of the people who participated in the survey identify as Apple engineers, the report further noted Apple employees political affiliations.

The support for Cook embracing the president is surprising, considering that Apple employees are decidedly anti-Trump. According to OpenSecrets, a site that monitors political donations, Trump has received just $5,100 in donations from Apple employees this year, far less than every Democratic presidential candidate. Senator Bernie Sanders, for instance, has received more than $88,000 from Apple employees. Senator Elizabeth Warren has collected nearly $68,500. 


Some anonymous Apple employees also had these things to say about their thoughts on the situation:

“Tim Cook definitely hates Trump.”

“POTUS is so transparently self centered that any company that placates him publicly is treated favorably, he’s being played like a fiddle, daily”

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