Apple increasing the production of all AirPods models

RECTANGLE apple doulbing airpods pro pdocution

According to a report by Asian Review, Apple is asking Chinese suppliers and producers to double the production of the AirPods Pro ahead of the holiday season from 1 million to 2 million.

Earlier today Apple Terminal reported on the fact that the shipping date for the AirPods are slipping on, ranging between the 27th and 30th of December, past Christmas.

Apple has also asked producers to increase the production of the older AirPods, per the report,

In a threat to its usual suppliers, Apple has asked little-known Luxshare-ICT to double production of AirPods Pro earphones at its Chinese facilities to 2 million units a month, sources said. Apple has also asked Luxshare and fellow Chinese company GoerTek to boost production at their Vietnam-based factories of the lower-cost AirPods, the world’s best-selling wireless earbuds.

The report also notes how Apple’s high dependence on Chinese producers compared to American based companies is able to meet the sudden increase in demand and production, saying:

Apple’s move is further evidence that Chinese companies, contrary to Washington’s desire to hobble their technological capabilities, can meet sudden demands for extra production while maintaining stringent quality control. It also shows that sales of Apple “hearables,” which already have a 45% share of the wireless earbud market, continues to boom.

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