WhatsApp dark mode to be enabled on server side

whatsapp dark mode to be turned on on server side, with whatsapp logo

A source has shared with Apple Terminal that they have found code, within the WhatsApp iOS app, using a jailbroken device that points towards the likely possibility that WhatsApp dark mode can be enabled server-side, and does not require an app update. Our source did not provide a release date or timeframe.

This ultimately means, if true, that dark mode for WhatsApp will not require users to update their WhatsApp and will instead see dark mode support possibly show up at any time.

Apple Terminal cannot independently verify this claim, however, this source has been reliable for information in the past, but given the magnitude of this, we are unable to fully back it.

Apple Terminal and it’s leadership fully understand the attention around WhatsApp dark mode, and hence only have shared this report after we believe it to be of something of public interest.

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