Jailbreak TFP0 exploit released for iOS 12.4.1-12.4.2

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There has been an TFP0 (task_for_pid(0)) exploit released for iOS 12.4.1-12.4.2. This exploit was announced found by ZecOps on September 15, 2019, and they have finally released it today. If you are interested in looking at the proof of concept you can find it here.

So if those of you who missed the 12.4 signing window and saw there was an exploit announced, here is the exploit you all have been waiting for. Even though I’m sure there were only a few of you.

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Now the question of course, when will a jailbreak be released? On November 20, 2019, jailbreak tool, unc0ver, developer Pwn20wnd tweeted out that they will update the jailbreak tool as soon as it is available to the public. This should take more than a couple of days (probably less though) unless they run into some unforeseen issues.

As stated above, this is a TFP0 exploit. TFP0 stands for task_for_pid with a kernel task process ID of 0. This means that the user is removing restrictions from the device and allowing reading and writing on the kernel. This allows the user to install substrate (or in the case of A12(X) devices, substitute) onto the device allowing tweak injection and more.

For more information on this specific exploit, visit the ZecOps blog post here.

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