Letter to the Editor: An Apple Terminal reader shares an email from Tim Cook about coming out


An Apple Terminal reader reached out to us about a response that they received from the Apple CEO, Tim Cook. The person said they “decided to send Tim an email knowing he is gay. I have had struggles with coming out over the past few days, so I sent him an email just asking for advice. He responded pretty quickly, so I wanted to share his response with you guys.”

The reader did send us an email with screenshots of the email correspondence he had with him. Apple Terminal is able to verify the email as legitimate after communicating with the reader. The reader did ask to stay anonymous but did give us permission to share this with the public.

In the email sent to Cook, the reader asks for advice on coming out as bisexual. They say that they have struggled to share it with more people and are afraid of the reactions from others.


In his response, the CEO opens up, saying when he historically came out in 2014 in a Bloomberg Opinion Editorial, people who loved him continued to love him, while those who didn’t support him weren’t true friends and he “didn’t want to spend time with [them] anyway”.


Initially Apple Terminal was skeptical of the email’s legitimacy, so we asked this Apple Terminal reader for verification on the email, and we were provided the following information:


There is a typo in the email when he talks about reaching out to local LGBT groups, but the image above confirms to us the email came from an Apple corporate server. Tim Cook does rarely replies to emails but this seems to strike him as a need for a response as proven above.

To give a little bit of context, according to CNBC, Tim “has an assistant whose job it is to read the mail, forward some to him for personal attention, and share others to a group distribution list of executives on the relevant teams. They forward the letters to their reports, and so on down the chain. Many of these ‘Dear Tim’ letters are ultimately passed around by rank-and-file employees.”

If you do have trouble finding a local LGBT group in your area you can visit the CenterLink website and search your area. Currently, CenterLink only supports five countries though: the United States, Canada, Australia, and Uganda.

While this isn’t something we usually talk about being an Apple news organization, we do want you to know you are not alone and you are loved. Don’t be afraid to speak out as Tim does every day even when a fan asks him for advice.

The reader appreciated the response from the CEO and decided to share the response with the public in order to help others going through a similar experience.

You can find an image with all of the screenshots together here.

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