Future Apple Watch may help treat Parkinson’s disease; patent

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A new Apple patent, labeled US number 20190365286 points towards a future Apple Watch model, with a set of new sensors that could help monitor and treat patients with Parkinson’s diseases and others.

In the filing, Apple lays the groundwork for their work on this technology, pointing out the impact that patients with Parkinson’s experience on a daily,

There are an estimated 600,000 to 1 million cases of PD in the United States and 60,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. Symptoms of PD include depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, bradykinesia, rigidity, balance gait deficits, speech deficits, tremor and dyskinesia. The most common form of tremor is resting tremor. Resting tremor is an unintentional movement that affects a limb when it is at rest and stops for the duration of a voluntary movement

Apple patent

Apple adds the purpose behind the sensors, saying that a constant eye on certain metrics could prevent long term effects, and improve communication to a patients respective doctor or provider,

[This] provides all-day symptom/severity tracking information [and] provides a clinical tool for evaluating patient response to medication. As well as providing this data to periodically help clinicians adjust medication, it also helps the wearer to “better plan activities around symptom patterns.”

Most of the patent outlines how sensors could be used to rely health data to a patient’s health provider, although the patient does not state an Apple Watch, the graphics, and references to a wearable device does tempt it.

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