A new set of Apple Support documents mention new iOS 13.3 feature

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Apple Terminal has found a new set of Apple Support pages which mention iOS 13.3, the pages are titled “If you see an alert that your message was delivered as junk” with the subtitle saying that “iOS 13.3 includes improvements to minimize junk messages in the Messages app that might impact certain messages that you send.”

At this point in time, Apple Terminal is working on confirming whether this is a new feature not seen in a previous iOS 13.3 beta. The support pages were published on December 9th, and are available on the Iceland, German, Niger, Hungary, Thai, United Arab Emirates, Dutch, French, Molodvia, Japan, Turkish, New Zeland, Filipino, Denmark, Greek, and Swedish Apple support websites.

All of the pages share the same information, outlining what to do “if you’re trying to send a message to someone and you see an alert that says the message was delivered as junk.”

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Apple advises to:

  • Ask the person that you’re trying to message to add your phone number to their Contacts.
  • Ask the person that you’re trying to message to send you a message to start the conversation.
  • On your device, go to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive and make sure that only your phone number is selected under Start New Conversations From. If your Apple ID is selected, the messages will be delivered as junk.

Once more, Apple Terminal is currently in the process of confirming the extent of this feature or improvement, and whether it includes any new settings or UI.

This week, we also saw a carrier document which seemingly confirmed iOS 13.3 will be releasing this week, these new pages only further confirm that.

This is developing, this page will be updated with new information if any become available, for the latest, follow us on Twitter, @AppleTerminal.

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