App Review: Language Translator by Mate – Lacking features but fantastic to use

App Review: Language Translator by Mate

Nowadays, with technology at your fingertips, it is getting easier and easier to not speak more than one language. You type what you want to say into a translator and instantly you get over 100 different languages. Whether it is accurate or not, it still helps you communicate with others around the world. 

There are so many of these applications on the Apple App Store that I gave up counting them after 50. But today I will be going to over the pros and cons of the Language Translator by Mate iOS app and sold by Two People Software which just had a huge update. 

UI of the Language Translator by Mate

The User Interface: Pros and Cons

Pros: The user interface is very nice and sleek. It is very simple and easy to use. You type in what you want to say in a different language, press enter or the send/translate button, and pop comes to the translation.

Cons: While this is an easy and simple way to create the translation, it still is far behind apps like Google Translate that automatically translate as you’re typing without having to click anything.

History of Translations and Phrasebook

History feature of Language Translator by Mate

Within the user interface, it saves past translations without even having to press save. This makes it simple to go back and see what you translated days ago. 

If there are specific translations and/or phrases you can want to specifically look back on, you can save them to your Phrasebook very simply by pressing a plus sign next to the translation. But this feature goes farther than that with adding lists into the phrasebook where you could save translations for certain situations. For example, you can create a list for an upcoming quiz or vacation and then another one for the next. 

Settings of Language Translator by Mate

Settings and Preferences

The settings of this application are pretty barebones. It has an Autocorrection toggle, Translate with Return toggle, History of translations toggle, and a Smart Swap toggle. Also, you can change how fast the application reads out the translations to you with the Speak-out Speed bar toggle. Of course, you can clear your translate history with just a click of a button.

You can also turn on Mate Sync in the Setting of the application. Mate Sync allows you to Sync and Save all your translations across all devices and browsers that Mate Translate has support with. You do not have to use this feature if you do not want to and can always opt-out of it.

Speech to Translate of Language Translator by Mate

Favorite feature: Speech to Translate

My favorite feature of this application is the speech translator. You can translate 40 languages as you speak into the language of your choice. It isn’t completely accurate with specific nouns, as with other translators, but other than that, it is by far my favorite speech translator. All you have to do is select the language the person is speaking in, and what you want it to be translated to. In the example to the right, I am speaking French and translating into English.

Missing features or requested changes

This application does have a few features that are missing that are worth noting.

One feature of this application is missing is the option to see different verb conjugations. It is nice to see if there is an informal way of saying something or just the quick conjugation when trying to learn a language would be nice. This is a feature that iTranslate has been using for a while now and I think would put the Mate Translator above the competition.

Another feature that I have seen in some translator application is the option of taking a picture and translating the text right on your phone to whatever you need to translate the language into. This is super useful when traveling to other countries when trying to translate a menu, brochure, etc. I’m sure this one would take a lot of work to implement but make the application stand out and make it worth its high cost.

The last thing I have noticed which needs to be changed is when trying to translate something that can go into multiple different languages, it can guess the language incorrectly. For example, when typing in the word “Salut” into the translator, it pops up to be Finnish. This could confuse someone into thinking the language someone is speaking Finnish and not the common language of French.

To fix this, it would be smart to implement some kind of way of choosing between the languages that it could be translated into. That way people will know that word can be translated from a few different languages.

Does this application have a Dark Mode?

I’m going to make this short and sweet. Yes and no, the application does have a Dark Mode, BUT unfortunately, you do have to be updated to iOS 13 to receive the Dark Mode change which is very unfortunate for A12 jailbreakers.

Price of Language Translator by Mate

Real Price: $9.99 USD, Suggested Price: $3.99

You can buy this application for $9.99 USD on the iOS App Store and is available for iPadOS as well. This application is most definitely not worth the high price tag of $9.99, but I can most certainly understand why they have put such a high price tag on it with how much hard work put into it. My suggested price for this application is somewhere around $3.99. I feel like this would be a great way of influencing more people to purchase the application while still gaining a profit. Lower price = More people = More profit.

Rating: Very loose 6 out of 10

Now with all of this comes for the rating. This is a hard thing for me to do. This application is definitely going to be my go-to language translator application, but it is still missing features that I will have to go to other applications for. And on top of all these cons, it is a very pricy application. I believe I am actually going to have to give this application a 6 out of 10. Now that is a loose six as I’m sure the developers are working hard to make it better and better.


In conclusion, I really don’t want you to look past this application just based on the current rating. As many small apps, this application will pop off in a matter of time. It just needs to gain a few more features to put it above the rest. Like I mentioned above, I will be using this application for my daily translations and will be going to other applications for the other translations I need to find. I really can’t wait to see what the developers add to this application next!

Other information

If you are interested, this application also has a macOS app (7-day free trial, $29.99 USD after), Chrome extension (Freemium, $9.99 USD for Pro), Firefox add-on (Freemium, $9.99 USD for Pro), Safari extension (Freemium, $9.99 USD for Pro), Edge extension (Freemium, $9.99 USD for Pro), and Opera add-on (Freemium, $9.99 USD for Pro).

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