Apple removes classic iPod music player from App Store

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Rewound, a class iPod player app that launched in the App Store and quickly gained traction over the past few weeks has been removed by Apple from the App Store according to the developer.

In a Medium post, the developer says that Apple killed the app because it closely resembled an app Apple would make, the post says:

Rewound was specifically designed not to infringe on Apple’s trademarks and we didn’t. Rewound could look many ways. Not until users started sharing/using clickwheel skins did they ban the app.

Apple have carte blanch over the AppStore and they got SALTY. The truth is:

  • An optional scrolling motion to navigate a menu isn’t Apple IP
  • A button layout without a wheel or scrolling navigation isn’t Apple IP
  • Similar menu systems are found in all operating systems.
  • Skins were user added/downloaded, we didn’t include them in the app.

Enabling scrolling navigation, a clickwheel skin + matching layout were 100% opt-in. Users decision.

2. Charging for Apple Music features

This is less unreasonable BUT they already approved the in app purchase before Clickwheel skins started proliferating… then they decided it was not ok. Double standard?

3. People would mistake it for Apple product

Apple’s software quality has been in steady decline but COME ON! This is HIDEOUS 🤢

The developers do plan on responding, opening up a GoFundMe page to “fund development of the web app REWOUND.APP which will work on iPhone without Apple’s approval and an Android app (THE irony!)”

In the post itself, the developers highlight how popular the app became, sharing tweets, pictures, and videos of users with the app saying it brought them back strong nostalgic.

The developers also say they are trapped, unable to update the app for the current 177,000 users, an option creating a 2nd app which they say is not worth their time given Apple would just take it back down.

Apple has not commented.

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