New Apple patent reveals Touch ID may be coming back in 2020

RECTANGLE touch ID coming back

Spotted first by PatentlyApple, a new Apple patent reveals how current technology already implemented in the Touch ID sensor on the new 16-inch MacBook Pro can be tweaked and put into a device like the iPhone.

Rumors and reports of Touch ID making a come back have been circulating ever since the reveal of the Face ID on the iPhone X in 2017, and this adds onto a growling list of patents related to Touch ID.

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The patent describes the technology as:

โ€œAn optical image sensor is carried by the housing under the display. The optical image sensor senses biometric image data associated with a user, such as, for example, data representative of a biometric image of the fingerprint patterns of the userโ€™s finger. The controller may perform an authentication function by matching the acquired biometric image data to the stored biometric template data stored in the memory.โ€

It will be interesting if Apple does decide to bring back Touch ID, and question whether the iPhone will include Face ID too. The 2020 iPhone’s have been racking a lot of traction over the months, with the current headline feature being the inclusion of 5G.

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