Apple News+ isn’t looking good for publishers and businesses

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Apple News+ isn’t looking good on the business side for publishers citing low revenue numbers, and even lower subscribers numbers a new report from Digiday shows.

The report notes that the Apple service is having little impact on publishers, but does help them in reaching a more international audience, saying:

“…the early results so far indicate that Apple’s move to offer a paid subscription service for news is having little impact on the bottom lines of publishers. While Apple News+ has helped with generating some additional revenue and reaching more international audiences, publishers indicate that the revenue generated from the initiative is, to date, modest.”

Digiday notes that one publisher saw revenue of as low as $20,000 a month but the publisher does say they plan on staying on the service as Apple has promised improved business.

“We’re happy to be on there because it’s another way to increase subscription revenue, but it’s not like it’s a huge boon for our business or anything like that,” …It’s not really relevant.”

In early November, CNBC reported that Apple News+ was struggling, with some publishers already pulling out of the service citing hard guidelines, low numbers, and disengaged customers. CNBC notes that when it launched to customers all around the world, Apple saw less than 200,000 people sign up in 48 hours.

Apple responded saying they are still confident in the service and that customers are enjoying the content, and rumors say Apple may plan to bundle News+ with other services like TV, Apple Arcade, Apple Music, and more. Learn more about the possible bundle here.

While we haven’t seen any publicly pull out, these reports are not the best thing for publishers to hear.

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