Apple publishes new Platform Security privacy guide

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Apple has published a brand new Platform Security guide that details exactly how it protects user data on a software and hardware level.

Apple prides itself heavily on its ecosystem in the report, it highlights in key ways how its services, software, and hardware all are built with privacy and ease of use in mind.

In the report, Apple says:

Every Apple device combines hardware, software, and services designed to work together for maximum security and a transparent user experience in service of the ultimate goal of keeping personal information safe. Custom security hardware powers critical security features. Software protections work to keep the operating system and third-party apps safe. Services provide a mechanism for secure and timely software updates, power a safer app ecosystem, secure communications and payments, and provide a safer experience on the Internet. Apple devices protect not only the device and its data, but the entire ecosystem, including everything users do locally, on networks, and with key Internet services.

Just as we design our products to be simple, intuitive, and capable, we design them to be secure. Key security features, such as hardware-based device encryption, canʼt be disabled by mistake. Other features, such as Touch ID and Face ID, enhance the user experience by making it simpler and more intuitive to secure the device. And because many of these features are enabled by default, users or IT departments donʼt need to perform extensive configurations.

Apple also breaks down further parts of their services for developers, outlining how privacy is built into features like device management, biometric security, API’s and other Apple developer kits.

Apple further states its commitment to uses:

Apple is committed to helping protect customers with leading privacy and security technologies—designed to safeguard personal information—and comprehensive methods—to help protect corporate data in an enterprise environment. Apple rewards researchers for the work they do to uncover vulnerabilities by offering the Apple Security Bounty.

In October Apple updated its privacy page with more information on how it protects privacy, and today’s publication is a clear sign Apple is trying to be as transparent as possible with how it handles user information.

Beyond being transparent, Apple is trying to put its privacy terms into simpler terms for users, removing the advanced, fancy talk and making it as easy possible for every day to users to know what happens to their data.

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