Switch to Verizon to get the iPhone XR for more than free

Verizon Holiday iPhone XR deal

New customers switching to Verizon Wireless from one of the other dreaded carriers like AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile, can now get an iPhone XR 64GB for free in any of the six colors as long as you subscribe to their Verizon Unlimited package. And it is just in time for Christmas.

But not only that, you get a $200 Prepaid MasterCard after entering “promo code HOLIDAYSWITCH and the other necessary information when prompted” at checkout. According to the Verizon website, it will take about eight weeks for you to receive the card.

The biggest catch is that you do have to keep the phone for over 24 months or you are going to have to pay it off to upgrade. $25 will be credited to your account for the iPhone XR 64GB each month to equal up to the $600 the phone is worth.

You can also get the iPhone XR 128gb and 256gb and pay the difference between the 64gb and your choice of phone. That means you would pay an extra $4.17 (128gb) or $12.50 (256gb) per month until the phone is paid off in 24 months.

This deal is only available online and is only available for a limited time. For more information or to purchase the phone visit here.

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