Twitter releases completely new iPad app with column support and more

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Spotted first by Applesfera, Twitter is slowly rolling out a completely redesigned iPad app for Twitter. iPad for Twitter has since the start has had the same design of the iPhone, lacking the ability to fully harness the power of the bigger screen and iPadOS.

The new design completely changes the layout of the app, moving the navigation bar from the bottom to the side, similar to the design for the web version of Twitter. In fact, the whole new design closely resembles the web version, with the sidebar, the main content in the middle, then trending or personalized content on the side.

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The new design also applies when the iPad is in portrait mode as shown by Applefersa. As noted, the new Twitter design also allows for the different columns to be resized. However, Twitter is still being forceful with limiting the customization it gives to users, there is no way to add multiple columns or customize existing ones like Twitter-owned Tweetdeck or 3rd party Twitter apps.

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The new design is not coming via an app update, but instead is rolling out server-side, Twitter has not specified when the new design will be international, right now we know that it is being rolled out randomly.

Do you have the new design? What do you think of it? Let us know over on Twitter @AppleTerminal.

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