US Navy blocks TikTok from government-issued devices

RECTANGLE us navy bans tiktok

On a Facebook page for active US Navy members, the US Navy is warning that any current active member, with the popular app TikTok, installed on their government-issued device will be banned from the US Navy Intranet.

Apart of the bulletin was the US Navy’s monthly Cyber Awareness Message, which says the Navy,

“identifies the potential risk associated with using the TikTok app and directs appropriate action for employees to take in order to safeguard their personal information.”

The US Navy says the app presents a “cybersecurity threat” and could potentially hinder US National security. TikTok owned by a Chinese company has been at the center of privacy concerns, over what information exactly the Chinese government has on American citizens.

In a statement, Pentagon spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Uriah Orland said that ban was to “address existing and emerging threats,” they declined to specify further.

This isn’t the first time, as noted by a Naval and Marine spokesperson, active members are generally allowed to install and use popular social media apps, however, at times certain apps may be banned if they post a threat.

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