For All Mankind producer and showrunner discuss Season 1 and what to expect for Season 2

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WARNING: This article does include spoilers!

IGN had the chance to interview Ronald D. Moore the showrunner and executive producer Matt Wolpert for the Apple TV+ show For All Mankind. In the interview Moore and Wolpert go into detail about the success of season 1, and what viewers can expect for season 2.

When asked what will carry from Season 1 into Season 2, Wolpert said this:

“What I think was an interesting throughline of Season 1 that continues into Season 2 is what sacrifices these people have to make for the greater good, for the bigger space program, “You saw it play out on with Ellen in terms of sacrificing who she is as a person, or with the Baldwins in terms of being gone when that [kind of trauma] happens to your family. That plaque that’s in the Baldwin house is ‘we came in peace for all mankind,’ and it’s the underlying statement of, ‘we came in peace for all mankind, but we sacrificed a lot for that.”

Matt Wolpert

The two also go into detail about a scene in the movie where Ellen admits her sexual orientation to Deke in the final moments of the show, showrunner Moore says that scene was not a decision taken lightly.

“We talked about that at length and it just seemed like Deke wasn’t going to just come all the way around in that story and it seemed right that he moved as far as he could, and that he expressed that to her,” he said. “They had a moment together as much as humanly possible, but then you couldn’t go the whole way.”


Neither Moore or Wolpert wouldn’t spoil what’s to come for Season 2, but did give this preview:

“The Cold War aspect of the series comes front and center in Season 2. The space race between the Soviet Union and the United States has heated up and now there’s… not just a peaceful civilian race, there’s a military race as well, which we started talking about in Season 1,

For All Mankind is only one of many Apple TV+ shows that have been granted a 2nd season, currently, Apple has not disclosed when they will air.

To read the full interview with Moore and Wolpert, read the full report here from IGN.

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