In regards to data encryption, Google is more trusted than Apple

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Apple, the company that prides itself on the protection and encryption of its user’s data may want to consider upping the marketing budget for the privacy team given the results of a new poll.

A poll conducted in the US and UK by nCipher which is a cryptographic company shows that in the United States, in regards to data encryption Google is more trusted than Apple.

The survey shows that 48.6% of participants believe Google uses encryption to protect user data, on the other hand, 46.8% believe Apple does. This is where the numbers really start to get shocking when both US and UK participants were asked which company they trust more with encrypting their personal data, 37.2% said Google and 31.7% said Apple.

Even in the United States alone, 42.6% of people say they find Google more trustworthy than Apple which got 36.7% of the vote. It’s worth reemphasizing that the survey focused on data encryption, and not platform security, which even in that case is still shocking.

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