Apple Arcade exclusive “Assemble With Care” coming to PC next year

RECTANGLE Assemble With Care PC

The exclusive Apple Arcade game “Assemble With Care” made by UsTwo who also created Monument Valley have announced that the game will be available on PC via Steam in Q1 of 2020.

The game which is puzzle-based asks you to repair a number of gadgets and items, all with a story in the background. You are required to disassemble each object, identify what the issue is and put it all back together correctly.

This marks the first time an Apple Arcade exclusive has announced they will be launching on a different platform. Given you can only find Apple Arcade on Apple devices, does it lose its value if games can be found elsewhere?

The short answer is no, Apple Arcade is still an incredibly valued product, with a base fee you get access to a number of amazing titles available, in sync across all of your devices.

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Apple Terminal Team