Cortana for iOS and Andriod getting killed worldwide except for users in the US


Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President for Cortana, Andrew Shuman in a conversation with VentureBeat has confirmed that Cortana for iOS and Android will be killed worldwide except for users in the United States, here are the two main reasons.

First: Surface Headphone and Harmon Kardon Invoke

Shuman says that they will keep the Cortana app around in the US in order for customers using the Surface Headphone or the Hamon Kardon Invoke speakers to update, setup, and personalize their device through the app. The one issue is that both products are sold outside of the United States, meaning users of the products anywhere else will need to use Cortana for Windows.

Second: Continued Testing and Experimentation

Microsft says they want to continue to test Cortana as they do have bigger ambitions for the service. They say the US market is the perfect demographic for them to carry through with any feature test roll-outs or experiments.

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