Samsung reportedly starting production of Micro-LED displays for Apple in Q2 of 2020

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A new report says that Samsung “is currently looking to make an investment in plant and equipment during the first half of next year to start mass-producing microLED displays.”

While the report itself doesn’t state that production of these displays will be for Apple, prior rumors seem to suggest so. Apple is expected to include micro-led displays in the next ear Macbook Pro and the Apple Watch and Samsung is reported to be the main producer for the displays.

The information came from the report as Samsung has been sharing its production timeline with investors and insiders in the industry to begin to prep for what could be a busy year for the Apple to Samsung relationship.

A note in the report sheds light on Samsung’s overall intention with entering the market saying,

 “If our products are used for producing microLEDs, we will be able to gain a favorable position when it comes to supplying our products to Samsung Electronics and foreign companies. Because Samsung Electronics is also very confident internally that it has greatly improved its technical skill in microLED production, we believe that there is a very good chance that Samsung Electronics will carry out its investment next year.”

The sheer size of the investment is expected to be decided after CES 2020.

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