Dish looking to partner with Apple to create the 4th largest carrier

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A new report and statements from Dish’s Chairman lay the foundation for what could become the 4th largest carrier network in the United States.

With Sprint and T-Mobile in the hopes of getting through with a successful merger, Dish is looking to up its role and is reportedly looking to Apple, Google or Amazon to partner with.

The report states that Dish is looking to Apple to focus on the funding for 5G technology and to assist in building a better network. Earlier this month we learned that Apple was looking into building its own 5G technology via satellites to beat data directly to users, the report doesn’t mention this “secret project” as a factor the reported interest from Dish.

We aren’t sure if any negotiations have gone forward beyond a display of interest. However, with the hopes that the 2020 iPhones will feature 5G as the headlining feature, Apple surely needs to start moving if they are interested in carrying through.

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Apple Terminal Team